Aktuelle CD: Johannes Tonio Kreusch Plays Bach

Release Date: 15.07.2022

"Johannes Tonio Kreusch´s playing is very intense and expressive, with boundless heights and depths, full of sensuousness. With Bach, he has a completely independent idea of ​​musical and formal rigor. What at first seems like nonconformism is really a desire to bring to light new and overlooked aspects of this great music.“ Guitar and Lute Magazine

Aus der aktuellen CD von Johannes Tonio Kreusch: Plays
Guitar Music of Heitor Villa-Lobos & Alberto Ginastera

Johannes Tonio Kreusch – Heitor Villa-Lobos „Etude No 11“ from „12 Etudes pour la guitarra“

Aus dem Album „Tangos & Canciones“ von Doris Orsan und Johannes Tonio Kreusch

Doris Orsan & Johannes Tonio Kreusch: Astor Piazzolla „Nightclub 1960“

Solo-CD von Johannes Tonio Kreusch:
Siddhartha. A musical homage to Hermann Hesse.

Ein solistisches Kleinod von betörender Schönheit.

Jazz Podium

CD: El Manisero

Johannes Tonio Kreusch im Duo mit dem legendären brasilianischen Gitarristen Carlos Barbosa-Lima (†).
Special Guest: Cornelius Claudio Kreusch (p).

Erschienen am 8.10.2021

One of the most interesting albums of guitar music in recent years. This CD should not be missed!“ (LongPlay).

Remastered Re-Release: „Portraits Of Cuba“ (25.02.2022)

The story of an extraordinary friendship; the proof that music is the universal language of the globalised age, with which the whole world can be embraced and expressed without having to deny one’s own origins; the revelation that Cuban music is much more than we know from the „Buena Vista Social Club“: Portraits of Cuba“ is all that. The album of guitarist Johannes Tonio Kreusch, on which the pieces from the late nineties are gathered on CD, which the Cuban composer Tulio Peramo wrote for him. In the remastered original recordings of the world premieres.

Neues Konzertprogramm der KreuschBros.


Eine musikalisch-multimediale Hommage an zwei literarische Meisterwerke mit CORNELIUS CLAUDIO KREUSCH (Piano) JOHANNES TONIO KREUSCH (Gitarre) CHRISTOPHER LINK (Filmprojektionen).


Premiere am 10.10.2020
im Rahmen der Ottobrunner Konzerte.


Weitere Konzerttermine siehe Kalender.


Trio-CD: Gestalt!

feat. Cornelius Claudio Kreusch, Anthony Cox, Johannes Tonio Kreusch

Ein Geniestreich