Sheet Music: Bach – Suite in E Minor

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In the editing by Johannes Tonio Kreusch.

Source research is an important prerequisite for a established transcription. By studying the traditional sources, one enters into a dialogue with a composer. This usually opens up unimagined horizons and new ways of looking at things. This approach develops a clearer sense of the original sound of the respective music. After intensive research on the origin and origin of the work to be transcribed, it is possible to search for sound and playing possibilities in order to interpret the music adequately on the new instrument. Using the example of the Suite in E minor, BWV 996 by Johann Sebastian Bach, ideas and suggestions for transcribing works on the guitar will give you ideas and suggestions. In the second part of the edition there is a performance version of the suite with advertised decorations and detailed fingerings.

The complete editing of the suite in E minor BWV 996 as well as the CD recordings by Johannes Tonio Kreusch can be ordered at: info(at)

Audio sample: Bourée (transcription: Johannes Tonio Kreusch)

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Example: Allemande

You can download the Allemande     h e r e as   pdf

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