Music & Management

Our services include: cultural management, agency, festival concepts, music production, marketing and coaching seminars.

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Artistic Direction, Cultural Management

  • artistic direction and organisation (individual concerts, concert series, festivals, master classes)
  • Concert and tour management (soloist, chamber music and orchestral concerts)
  • Public relations and marketing (for festivals and self-marketing)
  • Seminar and workshop organization (chamber music courses, workshops, etc.)
  • Music production and distribution (producers for Arte Nova, BMG, Sony, ACT, plans, GLM etc.)
  • Publishing (KreuschBros. Publishing GbR)
  • “Music and Management”: Coaching seminars for executives (customers including MunichRe, Caritas, etc.) in cooperation with Dr. Stefan Dörr/A47 Consulting

Concept development

  • Programming (individual concerts, concert series, festivals, master classes)
  • Networking and maintaining contact with internationally renowned artists
  • Cooperation and networking work (e.g. at urban and municipal level as well as in connection with cultural associations, foundations, etc.)
  • Marketing activities (selection of programme offerings in terms of target group and venue, press and public relations, sales, etc.)


  • Negotiations with the artists
  • Pricing
  • Raising funds and attracting sponsors

Concept realization

  • Contract negotiation and contract work (incl. GEMA)
  • Personnel work (e.g. staff and teacher support)
  • artistic advice from organizers
  • Execution (soloist chamber music and orchestral concerts, training programmes, etc.)

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