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So much enjoyment, class and learning effect are offered by the fewest festivals

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A new dimension of musical value creation

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Fascinating festival premiere… Contemporary music, as the Raitenhaslach Whitsun Festival shows, has a true universe to offer. It breaks demarcations of all kinds, unites cultural contrasts, moves in a timeless space. One message from the monastery may be that creative artists need the country to risk a glimpse into the future.

Passauer Neue Presse

Raitenhaslach/Burghausen Abbey (since 2018)

Concerts, film, art exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops

Artistic Directors and Initiators: Cornelius Claudio Kreusch & Johannes Tonio Kreusch

Moderation: Tom R. Schulz (Press Officer Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg)

Classical, New Music, Improvisation with Giora Feidman, Rabih Abou Khalil, Ralph Towner, Marylin Mazur, FM Einheit, Markus Stockhausen, Lukas Ligeti, Vincent Segal.

Under the title Look into the Future, the two brothers and festival makers Cornelius Claudio Kreusch and Johannes Tonio Kreusch are creating a festival weekend for the city of Burghausen in Raitenhaslach Abbey, which combines current music and art movements and wants to exchange ideas with each other.

Renowned artist personalities present their artistic work in concerts, performances, films, exhibitions and panel discussions and give the audience the opportunity to get an insight into the respective work. Openness to the various artistic currents as well as encounters between the established and the new transform the monastic festival venue into a creative “Melting Pot”,an exchange and meeting place for artists from all over the world.

As part of the festival, the cross-border and cross-genre will be illuminated in creative exchange. Artists from different cultural circles and fields of music, through visual arts, film and science are expected, who in their artistic expression go beyond convention and are constantly inspired by the most diverse cultural currents. During the Whitsundays, artists from Europe, the Arab world or the Jewish tradition will experience how art or music can become a common language in the Raitenhaslach Monastery.

The impressive ambience of The Raitenhaslach Monastery is to be experienced by the festival as a place for art and culture. Visitors actively participate in the event through panel discussions, artist talks and performances. Look into the Future wants to create a place of cultural encounter in which contrasts can be experienced and a constructive exchange in society is promoted.


Source: Regional Television Upper Bavaria (rfo):
Giora Feidman at the Pentecost festival in Raitenhaslach

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