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Arranger and guitarist on a variety of CD recording for
Children of Dorothée Kreusch-Jacob (, Producer: Cornelius Claudio Kreusch (

Sun, Moon and Evening Star

The most beautiful songs for the good night

Finger play, hands dancing

Hand-playing songs and crawling verses

Songs from the Silence

Sound images for dreaming and relaxing

Get a yellow from the sun

My most beautiful songs

Magic World of Sounds

Natural tone music to relax and enjoy

Silent sounds – quiet travel

Sung fantasy journeys

Seven small seven-sleepers

Magic songs and dream stories to relax and fall asleep

Mandala music

Listening, looking, painting for young and old

The Cloud Boat

New soundscapes and meditations for children

Songs from the Silence

Sound images and meditations for children

Crab mouse and fidget gnome

Music for the little ones

Finger play – Hands dancing

Handgame Songs and Crawlverses

Rocking bear and fidget gnome

Music awakens enthusiasm and joie de vivre

Sing with little bear

Music awakens enthusiasm and joie de vivre

I paint you a castle

Songs and texts of wishing, giving and loving

Classic hits for kids

Classical music that inspires (also) children

Johann Sebastian Bach

From keyboard knights and piano hussars or: Who is afraid of the fugue?

Holiday songs

A backpack full of jumping holiday songs

Songs from the holiday suitcase

A song case for migratory birds and those who remain at home

The Bear Doctor

Musical consolation splinters for sick children

The Songmobile

Watch and dream songs

The Liedmobile

Game and fun songs

Song Rainbow

For children and connoisseurs

Today night the moon rises over the roof

Children’s and evening songs


Songs, raps and cool sounds

Songs of Nature

Discover nature with songs

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