CD: plays Ginastera / Bach / Brouwer

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Release: 1994
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Kreusch´s playing is very intense and expressive, with boundless heights and depths, full of sensuousness (…) An exciting CD!

Gitarre und Laute


Johannes Tonio Kreusch: guitar


Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983) – Sonata for Guitar Op. 47
I. Esordio
II. Scherzo
III: Canto
IV. Final

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) – Suite for Lute in E-minor, BWV 996
Praeludio: Passaggio Presto

Leo Brouwer (born 1939)
Paisaje Cubano Con Campanas
Elogio De La Danza

Sample: Track 07: Courante (Bach)
Sample: Track 09: Bourée (Bach)


Gitarre und Laute: 5 stars (out of 5):
“An exciting CD!
Kreusch plays very intensely and expressively, and with infinite ups and downs[…] With Bach, the interpreter shows that he has completely different ideas of musical and formal rigor[…] What at first seems like nonconformism turns out to be the desire to gain aspects from this great work that have never come to light. One went to the work too officially and scolded the performance practitioners, who had long since discovered that one had to play the notes between the music lines in order to bring the baroque works to the stage in full sensuality…”

about: plays Ginastera / Bach / Brouwer

Debut CD by Johannes Tonio Kreusch.

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